• Elevi la școala dărâmată din Sindhupalchowk

    Welcome to the
    We Love Nepal team!

    Rebuilding together a school in the Himalayas

  • Vedere spre Dhaulagiri

    Welcome to the
    We Love Nepal team!

    Rebuilding together a school in the Himalayas

Școala românească din Nepal a fost finalizată cu ajutorul lui Luigi Bodo și al companiei RIFIL SA

A Romanian Mountain Club project initiated by
Constantin Lăcătușu  - the first Romanian on Everest

Clubul Montan Român

În partnership with

Rifil Salvați Copii - România Himalayan Aid

Our objective:The reconstruction of a school building destroyed by an earthquake

Nepal needed external help even before the big earthquake from April 25th. Now all the local effort and international support (human, material and financial alike) are insufficient as the needs are way too high. Therefore any help is more than necessary and welcomed!

The team from We Love Nepal has chosen a specific project from a multitude of possibilities; a long term project with positive outcome: THE RECONSTRUCTION OF AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DESTROYED BY EARTHQUAKE. This is a glimmer of hope that we can give to Nepal children TOGETHER.

The school has 6 classrooms and will have the basic necessities and equipment for about 275 people (teachers and children): furniture, educational support, bathrooms, running and drinking water, sanitation point.
Minimum necessary budget: 70.000 USD.

Where: Sindhupalchowk village from the district with the same name; THE AREA THAT HAS SUFFERED THE MOST DAMAGE in the April 25th earthquake: 3400 victims from a total of 8600 in the earthquake in the entire country of Nepal. The transportation of the needed material and the rough terrain will increase the difficulty of the project. The school grounds are 110 km from Katmandu, on the way to Tibet – there is an additional 5 km of path from the road to the location that cannot be accessed by vehicles.

The construction work will start in October 2015 and we hope to have them finalized by the spring of next year, before the monsoon. Until then children will be studying in improvised tents and will have to handle daily rain during the summer monsoon and the cold in winter – without any heat, bathrooms, running water, medical assistance or medicine.

If you empathize and relate yourself with this endeavor, YOU CAN BE PART OF OUR TEAM and help us lay another brick to this project by bank account transfer to any of the accounts mentioned above; offering material, logistic or media support, acquiring a WLN T-shirt, or visiting Nepal together with us

I am Ticu Lăcătușu and am proud to be part of the WLN team, TOGETHER WITH YOU!

Project initiated by Ticu Lăcătușu, the first Romanian to have climbed Everest

This is a message very close to our hearts about the humanitarian campaign initiated by the Romanian Mountain Club to reconstruct a school in Nepal. It is not a request, not even an appeal.

I consider we have an extraordinary chance to help some people that really need us in a practical way. Very little from each of many of us can eventually mean a great deal for these children in whose eyes one can see the Everest.

You can be part of the WE LOVE NEPAL team, the team of Romanians everywhere who desire to build a symbolical bridge between the Carpathians and the Himalayas. We will be better and stronger if we manage to transfer some of our generosity to the country of Everest.

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About Nepal

De ce iubim Nepalul

Why we love Nepal ? 7 reasons here:

1. Because no other country is closer to the sky than Nepal. This is the highest place in the world, eight of the 14 giant peaks above 8000m are here, in Nepal Himalaya, including The Great One, Everest – "The Mother Godess of The Earth".

2. Because the smile of Nepali people is unique. Despite their hard life, poor economy and infrastructure, people in Nepal are amazingly optimistic, friendly and proud with their country.

3. Because Nepali people deeply respect each other, as well as the visitors, regardless of their religion, skin colour or social-economic status.

4. Because Nepali people respect The Nature as their Home.

5. Because, for so many visitors, trekkers and climbers, Nepal has offered and still offers the ideal playground for adventure, sports, achieving goals, rising the human spirit and pushing our limits.

6. Because every visitor can experience a unique sense of freedom and adventure in Nepal. Even those discovering Nepal for the first time and sometimes saying "it’s my last time here", can’t wait to come back once they get home.

7. Despite of the fact that this is one of the poorest countries on Earth, by average income and GDP, Nepal was blessed by Gods with a magic Nature which makes this land one of the richest and most spectacular places on the planet.

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Visit Nepal

Adventure – Safety – Humanitarian Support

Join one of our special TREKKING or CLIMBING programs and benefit from consultancy and expertise offered by the Romanian Mountain Club & Ticu Lăcătușu and of the possibility to purchase the necessary equipment on advantageous conditions.

Join the WeLoveNepal team and enjoy a true Himalayan experience in safe conditions!

The cost of the program does not include the plane ride and transportation to Kathmandu but we can help you with this or you can handle this on your own if preferred. The departure/arrival dates will be established together. The programs we propose are the most interesting in Nepal and can be tailored to your needs and specifications.

The amount in Romanian Lei will be delivered straight in the humanitarian account found on the website and will be entirely dedicated to the school we are rebuilding in Sindhupalchok. The transfer or deposit will be done on a contract basis and the amount in USD will be paid at the partner agency in Nepal.

The programs are available for the fall of 2015 (October-November) and for the 2 tourist seasons of 2016: pre-monsoon (April-May) and post-monsoon (September-November).

For more details and enrollment please do not hesitate to contact us!


You can contribute directly to the We Love Nepal project by acquiring a personalized t-shirt with the campaign logo on it. Available sizes: S, M, L, XL.

Contact us for details regarding available colors and sizes for your size. Then you can order through e-mail.

10 euros / t-shirt

Tricou We Love Nepal

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